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Monday, 20 December 2021 01:44

TIMEBALL TOWER - New Years Eve 2021

1. The scaffolding around the Timeball Tower is being removed. The Tower is looking really smart after its repaint.

2. The ball will be floodlit from 2300 on New Year’s Eve. There will be a commentated countdown and Timeball drop at midnight. At 2355 the Timeball will rise halfway up the mast. At 2357 it will go to the top of the mast. It will drop at precisely midnight. The timing of the Timeball drop is controlled by the atomic clock at Anthorn Radio Station in Cumbria.

3. Shortly after the midnight drop, it is hoped there will be a firework display from the beach near Deal Pier.

4. Do come and watch the drop and the fireworks but please do maintain social distancing.

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Mast repair and Tower restoration

 1. The Timeball mast has been replaced and the mechanism set to work. The ball drops at 1300 daily. There will be a commentated Timeball drop and countdown on New Year’s Eve.

 2. The exterior of the Timeball Tower has been restored. The roof has been repaired. The windows and doors have been refurbished and replaced, where necessary. The building is now properly watertight. Some of the internal plasterwork has been removed as a damp reduction measure. The scaffolding will be removed before Christmas.


3. We are not able to open for New Years Day because of continued internal damp reduction measures. We plan to re-open for Easter weekend, 15-18 April 2022.

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